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All-in-One: Tickets + app + networking + Travelmates

tickets, agenda, speakers, sponsors

networking - visitors, meetings, chat

badges with QR

advanced networking - travelmates and roommates

PUSH and SocialMediaWal

development - 48 hours

Basic functionality:

  • nice webpage of your event
  • visitor registration via mail or social network
  • ticketing - the ability to pay for tickets directly through application can increases sales. Installing the app once the participant is likely to leave it on his phone and you'll be able to notify him quickly about your following events
  • ticket scanner in a smartphone - the ability to deliver an unlimited number of volunteers at the entrance with the usual smartphones
  • schedule and questions to the speakers - just in the smartphones (interactivity and saving on printing materials
  • PUSH - the ability to send notifications to participants on a smartphone, for example, about the change in the schedule or promotional ticket prices
  • Surveys and vote - getting feedback, competitions from sponsors
  • map of the event - choice of a place in the hall, help the visitor to find the place on the map
  • Contest to involve visitors, for example: "Scan 10 QR-codes in the stands of our participants and get hangout materials for free"

Regular networking:

  • a list of visitors - in the app and on the website
  • meetings - appointments between visitors
  • chat for all participants
  • chat for projector (SocialMediaWall) tightened all posts with # hashtag of your event, increasing the number of publications about the event in social networks. Also, the casual visitor be shown on the wall every 30 seconds. Chat for projector is one of the centers of visitor’s attention and excellent new advertising space for sponsors
  • QR-badges - the organizer gets ready PDF file with badges. And visitors can scan each other QR-badges, it helps to recall with whom you’ve met at the event

Advanced networking:

  • Travel mates for car / taxi sharing - visitor can create a group for a car or join an existing one. This is an occasion for singles and an extra 30 minutes of networking between visitors
  • Travel mates for long distance - about 50% of visitors of large events are from other cities. Help them to find each other and come together. You can check-in train, plane or BlaBlaCar
  • roommates. Visitors can check-in in hotels they will stop in, it will help other visitors to choose where to stop. And create the conditions for networking of the famous night until the morning
  • geolocation - being able to see other users on the map. Indispensable feature such as after-party in an unfamiliar city. Or suddenly to meet at the airport with the other visitors of the same events

Our clients

applications that we have already done


The biggest conference about mobile marketing in Eastern Europe and the hottest mobile event of the year that extends from the boring IT-conferences standards


The global business community of effective humans of Ukraine

World Rocket Champ

World Championship of rocket Sport

Red Jolbors

Central Asian Advertising Festival, which brings together industry professionals, meet and share their experience


screenshots of the application on the basis of 2Event

Statistics of application usage:

How it looked at the MBC-2016 (APP for one event)

651 badge

615 likes in the voting competition

2 parallel streams

34 speaker

215 meetings scheduled

2 days

651 visitors

62 sections


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