About the event:

When you look into the mirror, do you see "the wolf of wall street"?
Neither do I!
Does it mean we won't ever be good in sales?
Hell, no!
It only means your perception of sales is wrong.
Because your perception of sales is wrong, you think won't be good at it.
But what if I told you, selling is not about yelling, using sleazy tricks, being charismatic or pushy?
What if I told you, that some of the best sales guys are introverts and have thick accents?
But instead of being apologetic about it, they use honesty and technology to help them out.
What if I told you that this honesty gives them more credibility and helps the gaining more trust than any other tactic out there? Which ultimately, helps them close more deals.
Would that mean that everyone who wants to become good in sales can actually make it?
Would "everyone" suddenly include you?
If yes, all you need now is a step by step process on how to discover your personal way of selling and slowly but surely building a process around it.

And that's what I'm going to talk about:
• how to discover your personal strengths and weaknesses
• how to build a process around them
• how to find people that complement your weaknesses to max out opportunities

About the speakers:
Kevin Köhler Dos Santos was born in Brazil, lived in China, Austria and Germany. He launched his own startup that raised to 200k €. After leaving the startup he started doing sales and marketing consulting for startups. He has been working with dozens of companies during the last 3 years. Having sold all his stuff, he decided to become a digital nomad.

Maximilian Berger launched his brand in 2013 and has ever since built it into the fastest growing in his industry. What started as a niche has now established a rock-solid foundation in the mainstream.

Language: English

Registration: https://goo.gl/EHS1b0

Price: 250UAH
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Aleksandra Mironova
Hey. Do you want to go with me to the speech of Architects?
Hey. Yes of course. This is my favorite band. just tell me a little about yourself first
ok)) give me a minute...
Aleksandra is typing . . .
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