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ĐApp ÐΞV Conference

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Event description

As a developers conference, ĐApp ÐΞV event and agenda is designed to help inform, educate and address interests of the ĐApp ÐΞV community, including those who are learning about the ĐApp ÐΞV technology and projects as well as ones undertaken in the greater ĐApp ÐΞV community.

The goal of the conference is to grow ĐApp ÐΞV community through launching education initiatives for developers, supporting startups working on ĐApp and make Ukraine the leading destination in Ethereum ĐApp ÐΞV.

The conference will bring together participants from more than 20 countries and the proficient experts from Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys, ĐApp ÐΞV Consulting, Parity Technologies, Melonport AG, brainbot technologies, 0xProject, Oracles Network etc. The decentralization adepts are going to share best practices in ĐApp ÐΞV.

We hope that ĐApp ÐΞV Conference lowers the barrier to entry in Ethereum ecosystem for those who are interested in. While the ĐApp ÐΞV Conference is technical by nature, all who wish to attend are welcome!

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