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Kotlin Night Kyiv

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Event description

Kotlin Night Kyiv is a half-day conference that includes two streams with talks on Kotlin or related technologies, organized by Kyiv Kotlin User Group and supported by JetBrains.

Audience of the conference are Kotlin and Java/Android developers, and everyone who would like to deep dive into Kotlin.

Partnership proposals: https://goo.gl/HFTZ5S

Why Kotlin?

  • Google is adding Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development
  • Kotlin projects in general require 15–20% less code than Java (Basecamp)
  • Teams that have migrated projects from Java to Kotlin have reported up to 30% fewer defects post-migration (Pinterest)
  • "Java is doing really well. Kotlin is increasing significantly. Scala is doing OK, but I wonder if Kotlin is taking away the potential for its growth" - Rod Johnson, Spring Creator
  • The first ever KotlinConf sold out to over 1200 attendees


    • Kotlin Language
    • Kotlin and Android
    • Web development with Kotlin: Frontend, Spring framework, ...
    • Coroutines
    • Java and Kotlin interoperability and migration
    • Future of Kotlin
  • Talks
    • 'Spring Boot and Kotlin integration' - Nicolas Frankel (Hybris, Switzerland)
    • 'Multiplatform development with Kotlin' - Gaetan Zoritchak (Data2Viz.io, Switzerland)
    • 'Automating experiments with Kotlin DSL' - Alexander Tarasov (Odnoklassniki, Russia)
    • 'State of Kotlin Ecosystem' - Ruslan Ibragimov (ObjectStyle, Belarus)
    • ' Gradle Kotlin DSL' - Siarhei Krukau (EPAM, Belarus)
    • 'Coroutines in Action' - Dmytro Zaitsev (Lohika, Ukraine)
    • 'Kotlin strives for Deep Learning' - Izzet Mustafaiev (EPAM, Ukraine)
    • 'Spring Reactive on Coroutines' - Sergii Zolotov (PartsTech, Ukraine)
    • 'Through Fire and Flames: approaching Clean Architecture in your Android project with Kotlin' - Artyom Dorosh (SANDBX, Ukraine)
    • 'Kotlin vs Scala' - Giedrius Graževičius (Wix, Lithuania)

    Speakers (9)

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