Even though summer is the hot time for vacation, we invite you to join us at a super-interesting conference and to dive deep into the world of automated testing. Either automate or don’t – there is no ‘try’!

We are going to have a single stream and a full day of new knowledge transmission, knowledge that you will be able to use in your projects and your teams.While the exact agenda is still to be determined, we are ready to announce our first speakers. And you can get your ticket at the early-bird price.

SCHEDULE (minor changes might be applied)

9:30 - 10:00 Registration & welcome coffee

10:00 - 11:00 App code coverage by automated tests – easy! We made Sealights.io, but open-sourced and free” (Dzmitry Humianiuk)

11:00 - 12:00 Automation world under DevTestSecOps umbrella (Kostiantyn Severenchuk)

12:00 - 12:20 Coffee break

12:20 - 13:05 “Gradle plugins for Test Automation” (Maksym Barvinskyi)

13:05 - 14:30 Long break

14:30 - 15:10 “Automation of Security scanning easy or cheese” (Karen Florykian)

15:10 - 15:55 “Gatling and Page Object: a way to performance testing” (Ravil Ianbekov)

15:55 - 16:15 Coffee break

16:15 - 17:10 "How we shifted performance left" (Artem Rozumenko)

17:10 - 18:10 “Why everything is spoiled” (Sergey Pirogov)

18:10 - 18:30 Closing ceremony


Dzmitry_Humianiuk.jpg Dzmitry Humianiuk. Delivery Manager at EPAM Belarus

Delivery Manager, Product manager. 12 years in Software Development. Java stack development, project management, product management, Agile engineering and test automation at any scale. Active conference participant and speaker. For the last 5 years has been leading the development of solution accelerators/tools for test automation, focusing on Machine Learning and Neural Networks usage in testing; an active fan of DevTestOps practices. Organizer and founder of DelEx Conference, Product Owner of ReportPortal.io

{Topic} App code coverage by automated tests – easy! We made Sealights.io, but open-sourced and free

{Topic description} Have you ever collected code coverage with tests? Most likely these were unit tests. But have you tried to collect them from automated tests, manual tests? What if you even have the incredible value of 100% coverage, does it give you any real understanding? Can you make it actionable? We have written our own tooling to solve this issue. We’ve made it simple and pluggable, without any app code effect, and incidentally have done more than our competitors – but open-sourced. In this talk I will introduce this new tool, share our approach, describe the benefits of test to code mapping, tell you how to make coverage numbers actionable, introduce the first steps for trying it at home, and share our plans going forward.

Sergey_Pirogov.jpg Sergey Pirogov, Lead QA Automation Engineer at Whirl Software.

Winner of the Ukraine IT Award 2018 “Quality Assurance”. Test automation expert and blogger/podcaster who aims to advance automation practices via popularization of knowledge of related technologies. Contributes to the community as an active speaker and program committee member. Founder of automation-remarks.com, QAGuild Podcast and the QAGuild community.

{Topic} Why everything is spoiled

{Topic description} I will cover the pain points of the Test Automation process in this talk. We will discuss traps, mistakes and crazy decisions that lead to test automation failure and lost budgets.

Maksym_Barvinskyi.jpg Maksym Barvinskyi, Chief Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Ukraine

In Test Automation since 2010. Major programming languages: Java and Python. Open-source fan. Author of a tool for managing test data: http://www.grible.org. Motto: Don’t let a human do a machine’s job.

{Topic} Gradle plugins for Test Automation

{Topic description} In this talk we are going to meet a powerful tool – Gradle plugins – and explore what kinds of problems they can solve in Test Automation. These could be additional quality gates for an automation framework build, or automatic code generation of SUT API endpoints and entities that could be used in tests, or other areas depending on your needs. We will create a couple of plugins right there during the talk and discuss their benefits and drawbacks when compared to other options. By the end, you are going to have one more tool in your Test Automation toolset, and be better prepared for solving different kinds of automation problems in your current and future projects.

Karen_Florykian.jpg Karen Florykian, Lead Performance Analyst at EPAM Ukraine

Karen has worked as a performance analyst for 5 years. He is experienced in creating functional, performance and security automation. Currently Karen is working on the enabling of security automation in CI and deployment pipelines for many products. He is also enthusiastic about creating an end-to-end solution which provides recommendations and analyses data to solve challenging problems.

{Topic} Automation of Security scanning easy or cheese

{Topic description} I will share my experience of SDLC enablement on the enterprise level. In the process I will reveal pitfalls and gotchas about the building of a developer-friendly CI-enabled service using industry standard static and dynamic scanning tools, CI platforms, ReportPortal, Carrier platform and Jira integration service.

Ravil_Ianbekov.png Ravil Ianbekov, Senior Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Ukraine

Ravil has worked as a software test automation engineer for 5 years. The areas of experience are – UI testing and API testing. Team lead. Participated into number of conferences in Ukraine and Belarus. Areas of interest – performance testing, UI testing, resource management.

{Topic} Gatling and Page Object: a way to performance testing

{Topic description} This talk will be interesting for those who have a lot of experience in UI testing, but I would like to start my way to testing performance. I will outline he capabilities of the Gatling framework and the way to build the tests logic.

Artem_Rozumenko.jpg Artem Rozumenko, Senior Solution Architect at EPAM Ukraine

I started my career 12 years ago as a manual tester, grew through Test Automation, Python Development and Cloud Operations to Solution Architect.Performance optimization, Chaos Testing, and DevSecOps practices are my areas of interest.

{Topic} How we shifted performance left

{Topic description} Shift-left performance is one of 5 hot trends of the year according to Gartner. My team moves it left for more than 5 years now. During the speech I'll share the experience we accumulated during our journey on various projects. Uncover issues we faced and solutions that became essentials for every next project. I will describe the technologies that allowed us to run and analyze tests automatically and to get us very close to the real continuous state.

4056760a407ec17e91a7a5a1747c4342.jpg Kostiantyn Severenchuk, Systems Architect at EPAM Ukraine

10+ years of production experience in IT. 8+ years of Software maintenance /Support and Build. Career path has been started in IT as Support Engineer 24x7 and slightly moved to QA, but after correction moved to System Engineering- right Now System Architect at EPAM.

{Topic} Automation world under DevTestSecOps umbrella

{Topic description} DevTestSecOps approach and its implementation at the real projects, how to cook it, how to eat it and its value. Let’s deep dive into the world of automation and its coverage within real examples. Why it is so important? Bonus funny stories will come as well.

In case of questions, please email us: Kateryna_golovinova@epam.com

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Дмитро Гуменюк Delivery Manager
Дмитро Гуменюк Delivery Manager

@EPAM Belarus, Delivery Manager

Сергій Пірогов
Сергій Пірогов

@Whirl Software Topic TBA, Lead QA Automation Engineer

Максим Барвінський
Максим Барвінський

@EPAM Ukraine, Chief Software Test Automation Engineer

Карен Флорикян
Карен Флорикян

@EPAM Ukraine, Lead Performance Analyst

Равіль Янбеков
Равіль Янбеков

@EPAM Ukraine, Senior Software Test Automation Engineer

Артем Розуменко
Артем Розуменко

@EPAM Ukraine Topic TBA, Senior Solution Architect

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