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Benefits of using 2Event.com instead of receiving payments directly.

Are you using a payment form at your website?
We inviting you to take 2Event service and get for 10% -15% more money.

How can it be?
After all, the 2Event сommission is bigger by 2%-4% then at your own payment form.

  1. Right away, we increase the amount of collected money by + 10%.
    In general 25% of attempts are not finished with the payment (the clients were doubted, were distracted, there were no money on the credit card).
    We persuade to the payment more than 40% of them.
    What is more, we do this at once, before the visitors changed their minds.
  2. The part of the clients are using cashless payments. VAT IIncluded. Without VAT.
    We will help you not to lose these clients.
  3. Your event will be at the list of all events at the site and at the 2Event applications.
  4. Your event gets in the weekly mailing events hosted on 2Event.
  5. You get the statistic of sold tickets in a real time rather than manually.
  6. Various types of discounts and an announcements of your events at the social networks.
  7. The money comes into your account instantly.

It is important to understand!
2Event - it's not just "Tickets Online".
2Event - is a visitor from the future among the events platforms.
With us, you would not just sell tickets and increase your income by 10% -15%.
But you will give your visitors something for which they go to the event - more target acquaintances.

Additional benefit:
  1. You and your visitors gets 2Event mobile application for free.
    You can order the development of branded application, where there will be only your events (from $ 799 per year). For IT coworkings - 65% of discount.
  2. Mobile application "Ticket Scanner" - the entrance gatekeeping using usual smartphone.
  3. You accumulate the contacts of visitors. And you can do mailing before each next event.
  4. You can print badges with QR for every visitor.
  5. Chat for projector. Without configuration! Just write your # hashtag. And all messages of your visitors will be reached from Instagram and Twitter and shown on a big screen. Plus sponsor logos on a big screen!
  6. Your visitors will use networking from 2Event.
  7. Your visitors will be enjoyed of the selected groups on the auto / taxi before and after the event.

Join Now!
Get a decreased commission of 5% instead of 7% (with the bank’s percents).

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