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How does it work

Mobile social network for event attendees.
For making acquaintances and saving contacts.
And also, find fellow travellers and roommates.
It is perfect for conferences, concerts, alumni gatherings, disco.

Create your event in two minutes.
Organize ticket sales for 15 minutes (contract required).

Give a mobile app with your event to your attendees for free

What's inside:

Badges with the QR- code

Badges with the QR- code - a convenient way to contact with colleagues at a business event.

  1. Scan QR-code on the badge of your new friend.
  2. You will be redirected to his profile in the application 2Event, which displayed his contact details, position and profiles in networks , the information " Why I’m useful " and " My interests"

In the end of the event You’ll have not a pack of paper cards and the question :"Who are these people and what are we talk about?" But detailed information about each participant and notes about the meeting in your smartphone.

50% of attendees are usually newcomers. That’s why, we are also useful for:


How does it work for organizers:

Control the entry to the event

Scan tickets at the entrance with the smartphone. There is no need to buy expensive scanners or bring laptops

All you need is just smartphone (Android). One scan takes 0.3 to 2 seconds

How it works?


Visitors can buy tickets for events in mob.app 2Event. Show the screen of your smartphone at the entrance before the event

How to install the scanner?

  1. Install the scanner 2Event on your smartphone (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eventscan) .
  2. Join the scanner through a FB or Google profile
  3. Select the event you’ve created, and turn on the scanner

How does it work for event attendees:

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