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Great news! Andrey Breslav, the author of Kotlin (from JetBrains) will attend the conference online. Andrew will talk about the present and future of Kotlin, and you can ask him your questions during the Q/A session.

Kotlin Night Kyiv is the largest conference that includes two streams with talks on Kotlin or related technologies, organized by Kyiv Kotlin User Group and supported by JetBrains.

Audience of the conference are Kotlin and Java/Android developers, and everyone who would like to deep dive into Kotlin.

Partnership proposals: https://goo.gl/yziQoH


● Q/A Session online with Andrey Breslav (Kotlin author)
● 2 Streams (for Android and Java Devs)
● 10 Awesome Talks (7 Russian speaking, 3 English speaking)
● Speakers from 5 countries
● 2 coffee breaks
● Streams recordings for each participant
● Beer afterparty and communication with speakers
● Convenient time for visitors from regions!

Why Kotlin?

  • Google is adding Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development
  • Kotlin projects in general require 15–20% less code than Java (Basecamp)
  • Teams that have migrated projects from Java to Kotlin have reported up to 30% fewer defects post-migration (Pinterest)
  • "Java is doing really well. Kotlin is increasing significantly. Scala is doing OK, but I wonder if Kotlin is taking away the potential for its growth" - Rod Johnson, Spring Creator
  • The first ever KotlinConf sold out to over 1200 attendees


  • Kotlin Language
  • Kotlin and Android
  • Web development with Kotlin: Frontend, Spring framework, ...
  • Coroutines
  • Java and Kotlin interoperability and migration
  • Future of Kotlin


  • 'Spring Boot and Kotlin integration' - Nicolas Frankel (Hybris, Switzerland) (EN)
    • Despite being quite “new”, Spring Boot has seen a spectacular start as an amazing kickstarter for Spring-based application. You can now start your project in a matter of minutes, not days! On the other hand, you’re still using Java, with all its ceremony regarding code… Wouldn’t it be great if we could pair Spring Boot with a powerful yet simple language?

      In this talk, I’ll live code a Spring Boot application using Kotlin, the friendly language provided by JetBrains. Come discover how you can now cut through all the red tape and finally focus only the important stuff.

  • 'Multiplatform development with Kotlin' - Gaetan Zoritchak (Data2Viz.io, Switzerland) (EN)
    • With Kotlin 1.2, it's possible to code a module that will be deployed either in the JVM, in a JS engine, or on Android. What are the advantages and the constraints of this type of development? For which use cases? We'll discuss these points based on the experience we had during the development of our multiplatform data visualization library: data2viz.
  • 'Automating experiments with Kotlin DSL' - Alexander Tarasov (Odnoklassniki, Russia) (RU)
    • In a large project, you can not just take it and make it available to all customers. Therefore, experiments are conducted that require manual changes that lead to time costs and sometimes errors. To remove these factors, Odnoklassniki decided to automate the preparation and launch of experiments. In the report, Alexander Tarasov will tell you why Kotlin was chosen for this, rather than the classic configuration management tools (such as Ansible), why a good DSL and toolkit are critical to this task and what problems had to be overcome in order for everything to work as originally conceived.
  • 'State of Kotlin Ecosystem' - Ruslan Ibragimov (ObjectStyle, Belarus) (RU)
    • Прошло два года с релиза Kotlin 1.0. Что же поменялось за эти два года, как выросла экосистема? В этом докладе мы рассмотрим популярные библиотеки и фреймворки для Kotlin. А также на примере нескольких Java фреймворков/библиотек рассмотрим некоторые проблемы использования Java библиотек и их решение.
  • ' Gradle Kotlin DSL' - Siarhei Krukau (EPAM, Belarus) (RU)
    • Gradle — система сборки проектов, набирающая обороты. Но у неё есть один фатальный недостаток: в ней используется Groovy DSL. В этом небольшом докладе я расскажу о его проблемах, а также о том, как Kotlin DSL позволяет их решить.
  • 'Coroutines in Action' - Dmytro Zaitsev (Lohika, Ukraine) (RU)
    • Modern programming cannot be imagined without long-running operations such as CPU-intensive computations or blocking IO running in the background. Unfortunately, having too many active threads is very expensive and kills performance, but there's a solution - coroutines. They provide a way to avoid blocking a thread and replace it with a cheaper and more controllable operation: suspension of a coroutine. I'll talk about generators/yield, async/await, channels, composable/delimited continuations, and its usage; consider available APIs and make the overview of standard kotlinx.coroutines library.
  • 'Kotlin strives for Deep Learning' - Izzet Mustafaiev (EPAM, Ukraine) (RU)
    • AI is New Electricity and Deep Learning is one of key enablers for this, it breaks known limits of possible and disrupts vast areas of our modern life. From dev standpoint it sounds science-heavy and requires PhD in fact its not. Here I’m going to explain why in theory and practice with Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern language with great perspectives to write concise, safe and interoperable applications, while Deep Learning is something what we’re going to develop in the nearest future. So why not to combine those 2 powers into 1?
  • 'Spring Reactive on Coroutines' - Sergii Zolotov (PartsTech, Ukraine) (RU)
    • How combine Spring Webflux with coroutines and why
  • 'Through Fire and Flames: approaching Clean Architecture in your Android project with Kotlin' - Artyom Dorosh (SANDBX, Ukraine) (RU)
    • There are plenty of different architecture patterns you could use while developing the brand new Android application. Clean Architecture was one of the most popular and discussed in 2017. I would like to tell about our vision of Clean Architecture at Sandbox, basic differences between Clean and other patterns, and how we approached it with almost pure Kotlin.
  • 'Evaluating a programming language: a case for Kotlin and Scala' - Giedrius Graževičius (Wix, Lithuania) (EN)
    • How does one know that a programming language is good? What is a good programming language? In this talk I will try to explore ways to 'measure' a programming language and I will do so by analysing and comparing Kotlin and Scala.
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Giedrius Graževičius
Giedrius Graževičius

Wix, Tech Lead

Andrey Breslav (online)
Andrey Breslav (online)

JetBrains, Lead Language Designer of Kotlin

Nicolas Frankel
Nicolas Frankel

Hybris, Software Architect

Gaetan Zoritchak
Gaetan Zoritchak

Data2Viz, Tech Lead

Alexander Tarasov
Alexander Tarasov

OK.ru, Software Engineer

Ruslan Ibragimov
Ruslan Ibragimov

ObjectStyle, Software Engineer

Izzet Mustafaiev
Izzet Mustafaiev

EPAM Systems, Solution Architect

Siarhei Krukau
Siarhei Krukau

EPAM Belarus, Software Engineer

Artyom Dorosh
Artyom Dorosh

SANDBX, Android Developer

Sergey Zolotov
Sergey Zolotov

PartsTech, Software Engineer

Dmytro Zaitsev
Dmytro Zaitsev

Lohika, Mobile Team Lead


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