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We live in the world where data becomes the most expensive asset for any organization or individual and the most coveted target for any cyber criminal. What is protecting data in your enterprise? How could we defend the "crown jewel" applications and information from being stolen, exposed and ransomed on? Experts agree that this is all about protecting the credentials of people and systems having access to the assets mentioned above.

Almost 80% of all the attacks are targeting user access information, like username/password as a first step of the onslaught. But the scariest part is that professional hackers are targeting people and their human weaknesses even more than technological deficiencies. What should we do?

During this presentation we will:

- Discuss types of credentials, the way we store and protect them, and the way cyber thieves attack them.

- Cover modern authentication methodology, including multi-factor authentication, FIDO 2, and social engineering aspect.

- Provide recommendations for the organizations how to organize user credential defense the most efficient way.

This presentation is the most suitable for CIO, CISO, IT Security analysts, Identity and Access Management professionals, IT Compliance and Audit specialists. We will try to make it less technological, but more business and human oriented.


Vlad Shapiro, Technical Account Manager, @Securonix.

Vlad Shapiro has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Digital Security, Identity Governance and Administration, Identity and Access Management, Bioinformatics. Data Governance, and Data Analysis and Mining. His expertise ranges from mathematical modeling of identity management data, analysis of current Identity and Access Management practices to mastery of IGA program, maturity evaluation and advisory. In addition to Securonix duties, Mr. Shapiro serves as a member of Advisory Board of Rutgers University Cybersecurity Program.

Vlad has held senior advisory positions in Identity Governance and IT Security most recently at TechVision, IT Security and Identity Governance advisory firm, where he published research papers on Identity Governance. Prior to it, he was a Business Development Manager, IGA with Dell/Quest/Voelcker Informatics and its partners, where he was in the center of integration of Voelcker technology into Quest portfolio. Mr. Shapiro was responsible for knowledge transfer with business development, sales and marketing organizations, training of presales and sales personnel and working on future strategy of Quest in Identity, Governance and Administration field.

Vlad is an author of Costidity concept, human factor in IT Security and IGA. He published the book “Costidity: The Cost of Human Factor” in 2016.

Mr. Shapiro is regular attendee, presenter and speaker at many industry events, including Gartner Catalyst, Gartner IDM Summit, IT Experts and others. He had worked and presented around the world, including North America (USA, Canada), Western Europe (Germany, UK, Denmark, Austria) and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Baltic States, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan).


· Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

· User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

· Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI)

· Big Data analysis

· Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian

Time and Date: 19:00, April 10th.

Location: UNIT Core event hall, B8, UNIT.City, 3 Dorohozhytska St., Kyiv.

Tickets here:

350 UAH

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