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What is common between Rise conference in Hong Kong, Ukrainian startup YouTeam in London and US startup Talkable which recently raised $1.2 mln of investments? Is that speakers from all of them will be the guests at Ukrainians at Tech Events of the World: Meetup # 3!!!

Going to a large-scale technological event to present your startup to the world? It is a super opportunity to get ready by taking valuable lifehacks from people, who are successful in it. We, Alexandra Govorukha and Inna Stelmakh, co-founders of the @Ukrainians at TECH EVENTS of the WORLD, invite you to join our third meetup!

This time our speakers and their topics are:

Bradley Kam, CEO of Talkable (San Francisco, California)
Talkable is a technology platform that enables marketers to run customizable refer a friend programs in e-commerce, social media and analytics. Recently it raised $1.2 mln of investments and is extends R&D department in Ukraine to 45 people.
Bradley became an entrepreneur at 20 and then moved to the Silicon Valley aimed to build Talkable. Alpha Summit, Creators and Summit at Sea are some tech events in his backpack. Bradley will tell about his experience of engaging new hires and new customers.

Anton Mishchenko, CEO of YouTeam (London, UK)
Anton is a pianist in IT. He has visited Tech Crunch Disrupt, Launch Festival, TNW, Startup Grind Europe, TechXLR Project Kairos, WebSummit, Collision, Pioneers Festival, Webit, London Tech Week and many more.
Anton knows how to build and maintain relationships with your target audience when you are a product company / startup + many more. He will share with us how to get 100 leads from a 1-day conference, at least one client with LTV of $20K+ from each major conference attended in 2016-17.

Inna Stelmakh, co-founder of #UTEW, bizdev at XM-online (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Inna is now a volunteer at RISE conference in Hong Kong. She will come back with fresh trends and bright impressions as she will see the event from within. Inna has visited Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, WebSummit and many others. In November 2016 Inna left big corporation in favor of work in startup. She is a professional networker, community maker and leads generator.

Be a part of the cool Ukrainian tech community #UTEW and join us!

Language: English (main part), Russian (discussion and questions)

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Hey. Yes of course. This is my favorite band. just tell me a little about yourself first
ok)) give me a minute...
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