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Обзор мероприятия

Frontend conference made by developers for developers

Checkout our amazing speakers:

Lea Verou.
Human-Computer Interaction Researcher.
Benedikt Meurer.
Node.js Performance Team Lead at Google.
Vitaly Friedman.
Smashing Magazine Editor-in-Chief.

Don't miss the chance to buy also ticket for 'Webpack — The Good Parts' Workshop by Webpack Core Team!
Together with conference ticket get $50 discount!

This non-profit conference is aimed at delivering high quality content on the hottest topics that cutting edge frontend developers need to know.
For the first time ever, YGLF is coming to Kyiv, the amazing European capital city of Ukraine.
This is our first international frontend conference on such a scale.
People called us crazy, but by bringing internationally recognized speakers, we’re going to break the wall that separates the huge East European Frontend community from the rest of the world.

We hope you'll enjoy our efforts, community involvement and — of course — all the knowledge that will be shared.

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