Cluster IT Sales Talks #11. Cluster IT Sales Talks #11. From a generalist to a niche provider: key factors when selling abroad

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Обзор мероприятия

11th event from Kyiv IT Cluster.

From a generalist to a niche provider: key factors when selling abroad

The event is aimed at helping companies understand better how to enter and be successful on such markets as Germany, UK and US - insights from a German Businessman with big success track of doing business with Ukraine and in Ukraine.

Topics, that will be covered:

- Customer Centricity – how to respond optimally to customer expectations

- Understanding priorities, changing from the generalist to the niche provider. Positioning yourself in a new niche or in one occupied by traditional players - strategies.

- Germany, UK and USA / Canada - market specifics, differences in customer expectations

- Clear brand profile for best results in different Countries

- Customer service and Project management - why and how to

- New technologies: augmented reality and virtual reality - importance, trends, opportunities

- Future and possibilities for IT companies - vision.

Speaker: Karl Dietrich, native German with big experience in IT, Sales, retail and hood understanding of both his native (German and Western in General) and eastern markets (Poland and Ukraine).

For last 6 years Karl is working with Czapla-Solar S.A., online fashion storeZARA.com, Just Smart Stores GmbH as Marketing, Sales, business development manager, shareholder, and partner. He is also consulting IT companies from Eastern Europe who want to grow on markets of Western Europe. There he is responsible for the development of the sales strategy and lead generation.

Where: Coworking Platforma Leonardo, BC Leonardo, 4th floor

When: February, 16, 2018.
19:00 - 22:00

Payment before event: 200 UAH
Payment directly on event: 250 UAH

Don't miss the chance to get understanding of how to work with your target markets from an insider!

Contacts: (067) 123-76-76

Контакты организатора

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