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JavaDay 2017 Workshop: Microservices with Spring Cloud by Orkhan Gasimov

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Microservices with Spring Cloud

Trainer: Orkhan Gasimov

When: November 6-7th

Where: Kyiv

Software engineer, certified trainer and consultant. He has 15 years of engineering and is involved to development of microservice applications of various scales.

About the workshop:

This course is prepared for people who have no previous experience with Spring Cloud. Our goal is to overview of the most important Spring Cloud features so that attendees get enough knowledge to start building their first Spring Cloud applications. We will start learning from architecture patterns, overview the Spring Cloud, discuss the role of transactions and will see how to implement such systems without transactions. During the session, you will also get answers to “why?” and “how?” questions concerning all topics discussed and even more. Spring Boot experience is desired but not required. Apache Maven will be used for exercises.

About the exercises:

This training delivers practice and theory in 50/50 ratio. Practical tasks cover all topics. Upon completion of training course, you will have the complete reference application developed. Later, you may use this application as an example for your future projects or as a sandbox for your future tests and researches over Spring Cloud features.

About the trainer:

Orkhan is a software developer and architect with experience in both, front-end and back-end. During last years, he successfully developed various Spring Cloud applications from small to bigger systems. This course goes through many aspects of such systems that help to oversee possible bottlenecks and issues and eliminate them in the early stages of software development. Overall the course is an introduction to Spring Cloud led by a hands-on practitioner who gained experience solving real-life cases in various applications.

Program overview:

1. Microservices Architecture

  • Service Discovery
  • Load Balancing
  • Latency & Fault Tolerance
  • API Gateways
  • Externalized Configuration Management
  • Distributed Tracing

2. Distributed Event Bus

  • Distributed Event Model
  • Eventual Configuration Management

3. Streaming & Messaging

  • Publish-Subscribe Model
  • Binders & API Overview
  • Consuming in Groups
  • Partitioning
  • Configuration Options


4. Transactions & Consistency

  • Transactions in Microservice Architecture
  • Event Sourcing & CQRS

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