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Solve an engineering challenge and win 3 Apple Watches for the team!

VGS is ready to announce its first technical challenge that will take place in Lviv on 9th of December and will last 12 hours! Are you a tech devotee eager to challenge yourself, network with seasoned engineers and win an amazing prize?

Gather a team of 3 people (2 backend and 1 frontend or 2 frontend and 1 backend engineers) and sign up for our event!

Tech task: You'll be working on a solution to a real-world problem of how do we diagnose an incident on production. You'll need to come up with a UX that actually helps an engineer to answer some important questions about the state of the system and do it in a way that fosters collaboration with others.

When: 9th of December

Teams: of 3 people (backend + frontend)

Knowledge level: from mid to senior

Technology stack: Java, Python, or any other you'll choose for solving the problem

VGS (Very Good Security) is building the world's most secure and compliant solution to transmit and store sensitive data. We were founded in 2015, in San Francisco, and now with offices in Lviv and Kyiv we continue to grow our team with like-minded people ready to share our goal with us: to make our product a success and make the company the place we all wanna be.

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