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D-Tech Space

10:00-23:59 17 Березень 2018


D-Tech Space is a two-day international conference that connects tech entrepreneurs, software experts and the decentralization community.

Get ready to meet 12 speakers from all over the world who will share their ideas, experience and expertise in exponential technologies, innovative entrepreneurship and disruptive business models that are already shaking up the market.

The conference will feature three main streams:


For Product Managers, Product Owners, BizDevs, BAs and Marketers

We’ll speak on how decentralization is creating new business models, how you can use big data analytics for technology research and forecast, ways to bring new tech to market and most importantly how to successfully build and scale decentralized startups.


For Software Experts, Geeks and Code Gurus

We’ll host a Solidity workshop, learn how to write ERC20 token, speak about Dapp development and will provide some insider info on top programming languages you should learn if you want to land a job in a disruptive startup.


For Tech Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Hackers of the Future

We will also bring up such global topics as startup cities, startup societies, industries of the future and transhumanism.

Apart from this, we are preparing Startup Expo that will feature 20 selected startups that are already shaking up the market using cutting-edge technologies:

  • Blockchain
  • VR/AR
  • 3D printing
  • AI
  • IoT
  • Drones
  • Robotics
  • Biohacking
  • Cybersecurity

We are also excited to announce that we’re preparing a whole myriad of networking activities: Virtual Reality Lounge, Biohacker’s Lab, Futuristic Afterparty with two electronic music bands, VIP CryptoDinner is just to name a few!

We firmly believe that when a bunch of great people gather in one place, ideas start appearing and future starts happening. Which is why we’re committed to create maximum opportunities for everyone to connect with the right people and make their most radical ideas come true!

You can find more information about the event at . Registration is available here.

See you in Lviv on March 17th!

* The working language of the event is English.

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DecentraNet, Founder & Chief Decentralization Officer

Matt McKibbin has been a blockchain evangelist since 2013. From 2013 to 2017, he coordinated the DC Blockchain Meetup and was heavily involved in the BitAngels investment group. While the blockchain space was still young, he worked with companies such as BitPay and Factom by leveraging his network to educate the community about the potentials of decentralized applications. He later went on to co-found Ubitquity, the world&#039s first blockchain-based title transfer company, and D10e the first and leading conference on decentralization. He serves as an advisor to Network Society Labs, Humaniq, Securrency, and Social Evolution and has been involved in several early-stage blockchain startups, including Ubiquity,, and Propy. In 2017, he founded DecentraNet, a consulting and advisory firm, in order to provide real world business experience for the nascent blockchain entrepreneurial world. Matt has spoken as an expert on decentralization at premier conferences worldwide. He has been featured in dozens of media publications, including Bloomberg, Nasdaq, TechCrunch, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, and more. Matt received his Bachelor’s of Arts in physics from West Virginia University and currently lives in Washington DC.



Antonio Manno is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur having set up one of the first Internet Service Provider in Italy in the year 1994 after he spent the first part of his career as a manager of the FIAT Group. Antonio followed the boom and bust of the first internet era having created also the first auction online and group buying company in Europe in 1998 which reached the value of 200 million euro at his peack in the year 2000. After the internet bust he left Italy for Estonia where he spent several years opening the baltic market for several italian SMEs, then in 2010 he moved to Chile to work with Skinner Layne which he met online a couple of yeas before in a alt currency forum, in 2012 he cofunded Exosphere. Antonio is a passionate scholar of the Austrian Economist Ludwig Von Mises and of the indian philosopher Jidda Krishnamurti.

Kseniya Zhytomyrska
Kseniya Zhytomyrska, Blockchain Developer


Liberální institut, Director

Dominik Stroukal is and is a director of Liberální institut, the first Czech (and Slovak) classically liberal think-tank. He is a former president of the Czech and Slovak Ludwig von Mises Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Theories and MA in Economic Analysis at the University of Economics, and MA in Media Studies at Charles University, both in Prague, Czech Republic. He is a lecturer at the CEVRO Institute University, University of Finance and Administration and teaches economics at two high schools. He is currently doing research on cryptocurrencies and labor economics. He co-authored his first book about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin: The Money of the Future (in Czech). He published papers about Czech labor markets where he works on the dynamics of unemployment.

Orest Gavryliak
Orest Gavryliak

Axon Partners, Partner

Variety of securities law matters and corporate transactions related to cryptocurrencies are his daily routine.


IFWhenThen, Founder

Adam then founded the website Conceptual Revolutions and the Concept Evolution magazine to explore these new scientific concepts, with a healthy skepticism, and has since added an exceptional team of writers. The book, Conceptual Revolutions, explore the philosophical principles of leading scientists in emerging scientific fields while also introducing a personal philosophy that can be used by all. Since publishing this book, Adam has come to the realization that a Conceptual Revolution, is for everyone, a fleeting moment in space-time, and so the need for political or social revolutions is non-existent. What is required is a progressive philosophy of science, that can be understood by the average person, so that it enables the proper evolution of scientific concepts within a modern framework of a healthy skepticism and relativity of wrong. Today, Adam continues to share his passion with the Concept Evolution team as they explore the philosophy of science, and how emerging sciences become mature scientific platforms.


LeverPoint Advisory, Founding Partner & Go-To-Market Strategist


Andriy Sobol
Andriy Sobol

One Sock Team, Founder and Team Lead


Nuhanse Network, CEO & Founder


Innolytics Group, CEO

Volodymyr Bandura is CEO at Innolytics Group and Lecturer, Partnership and Sponsorship Coordinator at Singularity University. Volodymyr has over 10 years of experience in large-scale investment projects and startups as well as in creation and development of business projects. While admitting that exponential technologies like robotics, 3d printing, AI, nanotech etc. may become threats to the current business processes and products, he embraces them as immense possibilities for reinventing and bringing businesses to a totally new level of performance.

 Rene Malmgren
Rene Malmgren

Tritium Financial Technologies, CTO

 Stanislav Podyachev
Stanislav Podyachev

Blockchain Art Hackathon, Founder

MBF-4 kmbs, MPA NaUKMA. From 2004 to 2009 Stanislav has been working in the commercial bank. In 2010 he took part in the training mission of Japanese agency of international cooperation and completed internship in several Japanese institutions. Starting from 2010 Stanislav has been studying the economics of digital assets and virtual currency systems. Stanislav contributed to the project that aims to develop Bitcoin ecosystem in Ukraine. He has also founded first in the world Blockchain Art Hackathon - a unique event that connected blockchain technology and artists and that resulted in a range of unique art items. Stanislav is also a Managing Partner at Blockchain Lab - a team of professionals that helps VIP clients safely buy and save digital assets including Bitcoin as well as create blockchain solutions for existing businesses.

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