OWASP Ukraine 2018

09:30-18:00 24 Листопад 2018
Львів, FESTrepublic. club вулиця Старознесенська, 24, Львів, Львівська область, Україна
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Welcome to the 4th annual OWASP Ukraine 2018 - the biggest Ukrainian Application Security conference held under the aegis of OWASP Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro chapters.

We would like to continue the best traditions of the AppSec Conferences and divide the event into the workshops and the conference, which are to be held in two separate days.

23.11 - Workshops (additional tickets are required for attendance).
Stream 1:
9:30-12:30 IGOR KHOROSHCHENKO (Security Researcher, UnderDefense) - AWS Security F**KUPS (sold out)

13:00-16:00 BOGDAN LUKIN (Security Engineer, SoftServe) - WAF Evasion Techniques (sold out)
16:30-19:30 DANIAL ZHURAVCHAK (SOC Lead, UnderDefense) - Analyze or Die - SOC game (sold out)

Stream 2:
9:30-12:30 IGOR BLUMENTAL (Security Engineer, Berezha Security) - Content Security Policy tips and tricks (sold out)

13:00-16:00 SERHII KOROLENKO (Security Engineer, CIKLUM) - CSRF exploitation

16:30-19:30 Andrey Voloshin (Founder TechMaker; CTO Théa) - Reverse Engineering Hardware & Firmware

Location: 'Legend Class' business center, Schevchenka 111, Ciklum office.

24.11 Speeches, practical stands and challenges, workshops, realistic IoT hacking villages, lock-picking village and other interesting stuff.
Location: FEST.Republic, Staroznesens`ka, 24-26
8:30 Registration
9:30 Opening
9:45 Eduard Babych Intro to Bug Bounty или How to become a Bug Bounty Hunter
10:20 Lukasz Korczyk CSRF - why your organization shouldn't set it to low?
10:55 Cofee break #1
11:20 Vitaliy Mechytashvili Safariextensions. Suspicious javascript functions. Mojave security improvements bypass
11:55 Vlada Kulish Wanna test IOS applications? Let the pain in
12:30 Kostiantyn Korsun New National Cybersecurity System: Concept
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Rener Alberto F. Silva SPLITTER: An Approach to Difficult Correlation, Traffic Analysis and Statistical Attacks Inside TOR Network
14:35 Yurii Bilyk So, you want hack some device?
15:05 Oleh Levytskyi Security issues with Chrome extensions on a practical use-cases
15:40 Cofee break #2
16:00 Pavlo Radchuk Blockchain is secure (not)
16:35 Oleksandr Yakolev, Olesia Myshkovska Fuzzing and searching for vulnerabilities in third-party Android services embedded by manufacturers
17:05 Closing the conference
17:15 Quiz and party

Location: FEST.Republic, Staroznesens`ka, 24-26

Tickets price:
General 800 UAH
Late-bird 1000 UAH

Student ticket:
General - 500 UAH
We highly appreciate student involvement, that's why we have special student price. Valid student ID required at the entrance.

OWASP Ukraine is not only the place to get great security content, but the place where you can meet the best industry experts from all over Ukraine.

Based on our previous experience, the list of attendees will include security experts, software engineers and testing experts, top management and C-level of various companies - startups, product companies and outsourcing executives, scientists, students and professors, government representatives and lots of media :)


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