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Tom Gilb: Value Planning
Practical Workshop, Using
The Needs-and-Means Tool

04 Червень 09:00 05 Червень 18:00 2016
Дніпро, Образовательный хаб и коворкинг Spalah проспект Карла Маркса, 5, Дніпропетровськ
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Participants will learn basic details of the Planning Language, by actually planning a real, or artificial, project of their choice. They can work alone, or preferably in a small ad-hoc team on a project of their choice. The class might choose on major project to work on simultaneously, like ‘Reducing Corruption’. :)

Participants will learn the basics, for narrow slices of the complete project set of stakeholders, the objectives and the proposed strategies. They will have access to the tool after the workshop, or can use simpler tools, to complete their plan as interest and time permits.

There are several exciting aspects to this form of ‘Value Planning’:

*the Needs&Means tools is the most advanced tool available for direct planning of multiple quantified values and multiple costs, and risks. It was developed by a very successful user of our methods from 2006 at Citigroup. Richard Smith.

*You will be guided in to quantification of critical objectives, where before, you would not believe you can or should quantify many of these critical values or qualities.

*You will be able to develop a quantified and objective picture, in numbers and charts of the strength of your architectures or strategies.

*You will be able to articulate the risks of all strategies and architectures, so that no-one is fooled by over-optimism. So that we can consciously choose worst-acceptable-case alternatives. So that we can prioritize early streams of high value-to-cost deliveries, to our customers and products.

*The methods can be used without cost or license and tailored to your needs. Be they simple needs, or internationally complex.

*You learn-by-doing and discussing, in your team, rather than by lecture or reading.

*If you are excited about this method, you can easily and cheaply access full detailed textbooks to continue your studies. One in Russian. One in German.

Subject Matter of the Workshop

Big topics

*How to develop a complete quantified set of objectives and constraints, for a new project, system or organization.

*How to estimate the many-valued aspects and costs of any ‘cool idea’ in relation to your own objectives and constraints.

*How to model multiple levels of organization: like top management, stakeholders and IT support systems: quantitatively and clearly.

*How to manage projects with minimum startup overhead, and maximum ability to sense and report real value delivery.

Detailed Topics

*Rich methods of quantification of stakeholder values.

*Multiple simultaneous stakeholder needs: resolving the conflicts by dynamic prioritization, based on degree of satisfaction and remaining resources.

*The value of background specification for objectives, such as source, owner, stakeholders, expert, dependencies, risks, issues.

*How to estimate the expected contribution of any solution/design/architecture/strategy to all critical values and costs.

*How to understand risks and credibilities, and document them and compute their effects.

*How to resolve conflict through intelligent prioritization of what to do next value delivery cycle. For example by ‘Value to cost with regard to risk’.

Day 1

  1. Pick a project; your own current one if you like. Or join a team.
  2. Stakeholder analysis: their needs and values
  3. Converting value into quantified quality requirements. Scale, Goal.
  4. Other advanced specifications: Constraints, Background

Day 2

  1. Brainstorming solutions (strategies/designs/architecture)
  2. Decomposing large strategies into smaller deliverables
  3. Estimating the expected effects of a strategy on any quality requirement
  4. Systematic methods for dealing with uncertainty of strategy effects
  5. How to prioritise the most cost effective strategies
  6. The Impact Estimation Table: summarizing the big picture: all requirements and all strategies.
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