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In a world where cognification, connectivity, and artificial intelligence are reshaping the digital and physical realms, the urgency for intelligent, integrated and robust security systems is more pronounced than ever. Especially as we gear up for major global events - the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games, the COMEBOL Copa America and the Super Bowl - the call for advanced security systems capable of safeguarding these high-stakes environments has never been more critical.

The Transatlantic Security Innovation Summit stands at the forefront of this new technological revolution bringing together Germany's renowned precision and Silicon Valley's digital disruptions to spearhead the next generation of security technologies.

German Precision Meets Silicon Valley Innovation:

Discover how Germany's engineering prowess and Silicon Valley's trailblazing tech landscape unite to forge unprecedented security solutions. With German innovators bringing precision-engineered security and hardware to the table and Silicon Valley offering cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies, this summit is poised to introduce scalable, robust solutions tailored for the dynamic demands of today's high-profile events.

A Deep Dive into Next-Generation of Security:

Dive into engaging discussions on hot topics such as Cybersecurity Mesh, Zero Trust Architecture, Blockchain for Security, and Quantum Computing for Cyber Physical Systems. Together, we will explore how German engineering excellence can enhance Silicon Valley's cutting-edge software approaches to create a comprehensive security posture that is both resilient and forward-thinking.

Key questions we will tackle:

  • What are the latest breakthroughs and technological innovations and their impact on security tech?
  • What specific technologies and innovations were highlighted during the event, and how can they be practically applied to improve the security landscape of large-scale gatherings?
  • How does cybersecurity play a role in events?
  • and more...

Join us for an evening fostering meaningful partnerships and insight exchange:

The Security Innovation Summit is your gateway to forging meaningful connections and exchanging insights between the robust cybersecurity and security technology ecosystems of California and Germany. Join industry leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors for a night dedicated to share insights, discuss cutting-edge advancements, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Let's engage, discover, and innovate together to redefine global event security!

Meet our German Companies

Advancis GmbH

Advancis is a global leader in the PSIM industry with offices and partners around the globe. The company was founded in 1994 with the goal of developing a command & control management platform to unify disparate security systems and to provide real time incident handling for security control rooms.


Installation companies so far have been reliant on other familiar hard- and software products. With ESRA, installers are now able to usetheir own customized software and hardware: Whether it is a variety of cameras with your logo, intuitive iOS and Android apps with your own CI, or cloud and stand-alone solutions, your customer will always be in contact with you and only you. Customers benefit from short service times and advanced hardware, manufactured in Europe.

ISN International Security Network Inc.

ISN International Security Network Inc. (ISN Inc.) is a globally operating security company, specialized in corporate and private security solutions. The core businesses are executive protection, investigation services, high-risk management, CCTV monitoringand property protection, including armed response. ISN Academy provides tailored training concepts not only for corporate and private clients, but also for government institutions.

Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH

Magnetic stands for high-quality vehicle and pedestrian barriers. With their well- thought-out designs, innovative drive technology and extremely long servicelives, our products are way ahead of the competition in quality. And thanks to ourexperience in control technology, we also always focus on user safety – with lowforces and sensitive impact detection. This is probably also why systems from Magnetic are particularly often installed wherever safety and dependabilitymatter. We have been a member of the FAAC Group since 2012 and profit fromthe structures of this corporate alliance for automated drives in vehicle and pedestrianmanagement.

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