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3 Day Networking Marathon for Founders, Investors and Engineers.

Hello Founders!

We have planned Tech Weekend to surround you with people who are passionate about startups just like you.

This is what happens over Tech Weekend.

Networking Mixers: Forge lasting connections with hundreds of Founders & Investors ???? Enjoy delicious BBQ's and a wide range of delicious and nourishing meals through out the Tech Weekend.

Office Hours with VC's & Senior Founders: Book one to one sessions with VC's and Senior founders to get insights on specific questions.

Panel Talks: Engage with accomplished founders and investors ???? and get updated on whats the industry trends.

Startup Showcase: Your Dedicated Space at the Tech WeekendSecure a spot over the Tech Weekend to set up Showcase of your product. Learn more about showcases here. ????

Startup Showcase also known as the Startup Booth is your dedicated space at the Tech Weekend to display, demonstrate, and connect.

It's a physical space that allows you and your team to interact with attendees, potential customers, investors, and other participants. You have complete autonomy on how you want to make your booth stand out. You can include promotional materials, demonstrations, and team members who can engage with visitors, answer questions, and create connections. The goal is to create visibility, attract interest, and network within the event's community.

Interested in setting up a startup showcase?Start here

Exclusive Perks:

20 Tesla Vouchers: Win a Tesla for an overnight ride ???? (Just adding more fun -- fun) :D

???? Overnight Stay at a Luxury Hotel: We've partnered with W Hotel San Francisco, a Luxury residence, located just a 3-minute walk from the event venue, to offer you a seamless overnight stay over the Tech Weekend.

Exclusive Flight Discounts with Delta Airlines: If you're traveling to Tech Weekend from outside San Francisco, we've partnered with Delta Airlines to bring you exclusive discounts on airfare. Book your flights between Jan 21st to Feb 2nd, 2024, and enjoy savings of up to 25% on both domestic and international flights. Simply use our partner link to secure discounted travel.

Tech Weekend Pitch Competition: Apply here

Additional PERKS:

Tech Weekend WhatsApp Group: Start connecting with founders before the Tech Weekend. Get to know who's coming. Increase your chances of finding co-founders, investors and users. Stay connected with hundreds of founders part of the tech Weekend Community and get real-time updates, networking and sharing insights.

Tech Weekend Slack Group: Tech Weekend connections don't end after the weekend is over. Founders are invited to stay in touch via Tech Weekend's Slack Group

Curious about what Tech Weekend looks like? Check out our Instagram

F or any questions, please feel free to reach out at

We hope to see you there!

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