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Things 2Event.com is useful for organizers of the events?

  • Tickets and registration.
  • Mob. apps for visitors.
  • Roommates and trip companions on the events.
  • Attendee list, meeting plan.
  • Chat for the projector.
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We solve all the main issues of the organizer according to the principle: “from one hands”.

You don't have to look for different services and programmers, and then sync them together.

And visitors will not have to register in multiple services. Because all key functions combined in one application.

The availability of the application «all-in-one» motivates visitors to come to you additionally, by the way.


Organize ticket sales or registration of the visitors with the help of questionnaire (if your event is free).

Create a page of your event in 5 minutes and you will be able to:

*2Event.com services are 100% free. If tickets are selling through our web-platform the commission is only 7% of its total cost.


Adding information on 2Event.com organizer provides participants of his event with the social network, where they will be able to:

  • Arrange meetings during the event and to view information about each other.
  • Communicate in Chat for the projector.
  • Choose road companions and roommates (the user sees, where the others accommodate and how they are traveling).
  • Call taxi for a group of people, or find companions for traveling by car.


From 20% to 50% of events visitors, usually comes from other cities. Since the main goal of all attendees is to develop useful contacts, a trip with companions helps you to get acquainted with a large number of people, trip becomes cheaper, safer and interesting. And because of that your guests will be satisfied and come back to your event again and again.

2Event mob app helps your visitors to:

  • See who travels on the same event from the same city, through the same route;
  • Check in on a plane or train and look through the list of trip companions;
  • Check in at the hotel and look for roommates.
  • Create announcements about joint apartment rent.
  • Create groups for traveling together with companions by car or taxi.


2Events «Chat for a projector» works on the same principle as TV-channel SMS-chat. However, the advantage of it lies in connection to event audience. In addition to messages sent from the application, we bring to our chat posts pulled from Twitter and Instagram that contains #hashtag of your event. It looks like this: https://2event.com/events/comments/200640

What is chat benefits?

  • 100% free.
  • This is additional advertising space.
  • It’s increases visitors engagement.
  • Helps to get acquainted on the events: information about visitors displays on the big screen.
  • “Minute of glory” for every visitor – “look, I'm on the big screen”.
  • It's participants emotions, and thus they will remember your event and will want to come back to you again.
  • Motivates participants to write about the event in social networks (free PR for your event).


Use Analytics іf you post the announcements of your events on partner sites. Create a customized links and see how many participants come from each of the partners.

Analysts runs in three clicks!

Analytics can help you to get answers to your questions:

  • Which of the posts about your event on other sites attract more customers?
  • What resources are better to create paid advertising?
  • How many customers have followed a link?

Establish analysts in three steps:

  1. Create event on 2event.com
  2. Select the tab "Analytics"
  3. Create links for sites, where you are going to make posts about your event:

Paste the generated link to the post about event.

In the "Analytics" you will see the views, transitions, bought tickets and conversion for each post.

Here's how it will look your analytics:


  • additional sales channel
  • easy way to track the results of the promotion and to give bonuses to the partners.

Control the entry to the event

Visitors can buy tickets for events in mob.app 2Event. Show the screen of your smartphone at the entrance before the event.

Scan tickets at the entrance with the smartphone. There is no need to buy expensive scanners or bring laptops.

All you need is just smartphone (Android). One scan takes 0.3 to 2 seconds.

How it works?

How to install the scanner?

  1. Install the scanner 2Event on your smartphone (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evetnscan) .
  2. Join the scanner through a FB or Google profile.
  3. Select the event you’ve created, and turn on the scanner.

Преимущества использования 2Event.com вместо прямого приема платежей.

Вы используете форму приема платежей на своем сайте?
Приглашаем перейти на обслуживание от 2Event и получить на 10%-15% больше денег.

Как так?
Ведь комиссия 2Event.com на 2%-4% дороже, чем своя форма на сайте.

  1. Мы сразу увеличим количество собранных денег на +10%.
    Поскольку делаем “дотягивание” отвалившихся клиентов.
    В среднем 25% попыток не заканчиваются оплатой (засомневались, отвлеклись, не было денег на карте)
    Мы дотягиваем до оплаты более 40% из них.
    Причем делаем это сразу, пока посетители не перегорели.
  2. Часть клиентов оплачивает безналом. С НДС. Без НДС.
    Мы поможем не потерять этих клиентов.
  3. Ваше событие будет в списке всех событий на сайте и в приложениях 2Event.
  4. Ваше событие попадает в еженедельные рассылки мероприятий размещенных на 2Event.
  5. Вы получаете учет проданных билетов в риалтайме, а не в ручном режиме.
  6. Разные варианты скидок и анонс ваших ивентов в соцсети
  7. Деньги поступают на ваш счет мгновенно.

Важно понимать!
2Event - это не просто “билеты онлайн”.
2Event - это гость из будущего среди платформ для ивентов.
Используя нас, вы не просто продаете билеты и увеличиваете свой доход на 10%-15%.
Но даете посетителям то, ради чего они идут на событие - больше целевых знакомств.

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The organizers of these events was satisfied to сooperate with us:

Create your first event on 2Event and give your guests exactly what they are looking for: interesting communication and useful contacts.

Make visitors happy and they will make you richer!

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