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Things 2Event.com is useful for visitors of the events?

  • Purchasing tickets online.
  • Mob. app for socializing and trip planning.
  • Companions and roommates on event.
  • Attendee list, meeting plan.
  • Chat for the projector.
  • A car or taxi for a group of people.

Download the app 2Event:


2Event service helps event attendees to meet, find partners, clients and group of people to travel. Mobile app solves major complications that visitor faces.


To buy a ticket on the event directly from the app you’ll spend just in 5 minutes.

You don't have to spend your time driving to the ticket service and you will not get stuck in the queue. In addition to that, you’ll be able to see all participants of the event, which has checked-in using application.

  • Login via email or social network.
  • Select the event.
  • Add one of several payment options.
  • Click “I will go”.
  • Look for a travel companions or company on the event.


The app will show you:

  • Who and in what audience stands.
  • Your personal schedule and meetings list.
  • Questions to the speakers online.


The list of participants with information on them will allow you to develop useful contacts and long-term communication after event. In addition to that, visitor services also include:

  • Badges with QR code – a kind of online business card: so when you scan neighbors code from the badge, you see his/her profile and will be able to make notes about the meeting with this person. So you will remember with whom have met and what proposal you gave.
  • “2Event chat for the projector” displays a random user and information about him every minute, it helps participants to find useful contacts. “Chat for the projector” also shows messages that comes from the mobile app. In addition to that you can post directly to the chat from your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #hashtag of the event.


From 20% to 50% of visitors, usually comes from other cities. Since their main goal is develop useful contacts – traveling with companions helps them get acquainted with a large number of people and find colleagues, customers and partners on the road long before the event actually starts.

  • Check-in on your flight and see who travels the same route as you.
  • Buy a ticket, taking in to account travel companions to your train or plane.
  • You already have a ticket? Scan the QR-code from the “Ukrzaliznytcia” ticket, and see who also travels on the same train as you.

Car for a group of people

Participants can unite in to groups and departure the same route after the event. For that purpose, user that has empty seats in the car only has to leave application under the event: It can be the one like «I`m driving to the city center and can take two passengers» for example.

  • Search for a travel companions from among of blablacar drivers.
  • For those who traveling by their own auto: create a group to search for travel companions.
  • Taxi for a group of people online.

Traveling on "green-eyed taxi“ will cost you twice and even three times cheaper than usual.


Find out through the app what hotels has been chosen by your event colleagues and book the room in the same audited hotel. You can unite in to groups together with your colleagues and specify appropriate price point when choosing option for accommodation.

If you have an unoccupied bed and you want to offer colleagues to settle with you – than just leave a request about this on the event page. So you will save money and find interesting company for free evening.

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